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Please Note:

  • Animal Owners must be aged 18 or over. From the 1st November 2015 all dogs over the age of 3 months must be micro-chipped. After this date, it will be an offence for a dog owner to have a dog that is not micro-chipped and a $200 infringement notice can be issued. Please ensure that your dog is micro-chipped.

  • If your pensioner status has changed, or animal has been sterilised since last registration (and Council hasn't been notified), please pay registration renewal in person at the City of Bunbury Customer Service Centre, 4 Stephen Street, Bunbury and provide applicable documentation e.g. sterilisation papers and/or current Pension Concession Card as proof.

  • Please select Registration Renewal period from the "Fee Type" drop down menu on the payment page by selecting one of the following options: "1 Year", "3 Year" or "Lifetime".

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You can find your Account Number on your notice:
For example of Debtor Account Number click here.
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